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Full Metal Panic vol. 7

Full Metal Panic vol. 7

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Full Metal Panic vol. 7


Staat: Goed

School's out! Gung-ho undercover agent/High-school dreamboat Sosuke Sagara and his unwitting charge Kaname Chidori are back in an all new action-packed volume!
The students of Jindai High are bound for Okinawa on a field trip, but a hijacking changes their plans! Among the hijackers is Gauron, a mortal enemy Sosuke thought he'd killed years ago. But Gauron is after only one of the students aboard... Kaname! The information she carries could be the key to maintaining the balance of power. When they single her out, it's up to Sosuke to save the day again, and a crushing mecha battle for Kaname's freedom ensues.
Will Sosuke get to Kaname before the terrorists unlock the secrets stored in her head? Will Kaname save Sosuke in return? Will Kaname finally accept that she likes Sosuke? Find out in volume two of Full Metal Panic!