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Full Metal Panic vol. 1

Full Metal Panic vol. 1

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Full Metal Panic vol. 1


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Full metal panic! On the surface, kaname Chidori appears to be leading a normal life as a popular high school student. She's cute, and quite a social butterfly. Kaname's life is anything but ordinary. Unbeknownst to her, a group of terrorrists believes she possesses the special powers of "the Whispered." Mission: Kidnap Kaname.
Enter overzealous hero, Sosuke Sagara - former resident of a war zone and member of the stealth anti-terrorist organization, MITHRIL. Sosuke is gung-ho, war crazed and obnoxiously conspicious. Will he drive Kaname insane by watching her every move and detonating bombs in her social life? Get ready for full-loaded action and full-throttle fun! Once you get into a Full Metal Panic!, there's no turning back!